Who We Are

Young Taiwanese Merchants Association of Toronto (YTMAT) was founded in 2006 under the guidance of the Taiwan Merchants Association of Toronto (TMAT). TMAT was established in 1995 under the government of Ontario with the purpose of connecting Taiwanese business owners closer to the global business world.

Our Mission

We aim to provide an inspiring environment that fosters ideas and aspirations in hopes of sparking entrepreneurial innovation between our members. By bringing together a diverse collection of young professionals and post-secondary students from different fields of expertise, we believe in establishing ourselves as an entrepreneurial development group dedicated to the professional growth of our respective members to better prepare them for the business world. Additionally, we encourage the building of professional and personal relationships between our members to nurture constructive, long-lasting friendships.

YTMAT focuses on supporting young Taiwanese professionals who aspire to strive in the business community. In the future, members of YTMAT will be the ones to reinforce the strong and sustainable professional community that our Taiwanese elders have pioneered. This professional community should not only continue to grow in Canada, but also maintain a positive relationship with our comrades in Taiwan as well, strengthening the bridge between Taiwanese industry and Canadian markets. Working closely with other Taiwanese organizations, YTMAT hopes to raise cultural awareness and national pride for our young professionals.

Worldwide Network

YTMAT is part of a worldwide network of Taiwanese Associations, with over 20 chapters in North America and many more in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and Oceania. Every year we participate in 2 conferences in North America and 2 conferences around the world. As a member, you also have opportunities to join and meet with thousands of Taiwanese business professionals all over the world.